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spoiling the beauty of temple roads

By CJ meenakshisundaresan


Temples are the mirrors of our culture. The place where we get mentle peace for an individual or for a group is a temple. But in tirupati which our cm has declared as one of the smart city is not reached atleast 60% of achievement because of the organisational failure. Kodandarama temple is one of the ancient temple which has a history of past 500 years. Many people pass urine to the walls of the temple and pass motion behind the vehicles which are parked around and throughout the temple roads. Recentlt ttd constructed fencing around the temple . But its vain. Nobody stopped them because around the temple nearly around 50 to 60 four wheelers are parked. Sothat they pass urinal and motion behind the vehicles and creating much nuisence for the residents as it releases worst smell. We have to close our nose as and when we enter the roads. Fruit vendors are occupying half of the road and they throughing spoiled fruits in the nearby dustbin the residents are suffering some health problems.municipal workers are taking bribes from them and allowing them to do so. No health officer has taken any action against them for the betterment of the street. If the streets looks clean the city appears clean so that the state and finally the nation. If the problem still continues at the base level how can we call a nation as swatch bharat and a city as smart city. So municipality has to lookafter from the baselevel with out accepting bribes our city will definitely become smart.